I had first heard of the band Introvert from their guitarist and acquaintance of mine, Mitch Raschke. Mitch and I had been mutuals on Facebook and Instagram for quite a while and I was very interested to see what sounds he was experimenting with his band when he first announced their debut song ‘Trip’. As soon as the gritty sounds of distorted guitar pounded through the speakers of my computer, I knew something about this five-piece Newcastle band was different to other alternative emo bands in Newcastle. This band was about to revive Newcastle vivid music scene.

Introvert had quite a few lineup changes before I fully immersed myself into their sound and style, however nothing changed with the beautiful display of lyricism within Audie Franks and his vocal juxtaposition between calm and chaotic. However, the current lineup (consisting of Audie Franks, Mitch Raschke, Max Priest and Stephen Hopkins) has an intense and addicting dynamic that is presented at their live shows.


I saw Introvert for the first time at a shitty run down pub in Newcastle and I was instantly hooked. Introvert are one of those bands that perform as well, if not better, live than on a studio recording. Whether it’s the maniacal passion seen in guitarist Mitch, or the adorably awkward between-song talk Audie provides, Introvert’s live shows are infectious and move a crowd through nothing more than music and lyrics.

Introvert’s musicianship can be seen in their success, they’ve only released their debut EP last year, and yet, they have been on multiple tours supporting established homegrown and overseas acts like Balance & Composure, Basement and Hellions. Their success continues to grow and has the potential to follow in the footsteps of fellow Newcastle band Trophy Eyes, who released their critically-acclaimed album Chemical Miracle last year via independent punk giant Hopeless Records.

Their constant growth makes me so proud that I have invested my time and money into these amazing guys. Mark my words, Introvert will take over the world.

– g.d.





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