D E A R   S E A T T L E


Earlier this year, I was asked to put together a lineup for a gig in Sydney for an in-class assignment. Me, as well as everyone else assigned to this job, asked everyone in our class to name bands they know and would like to play a free show. This is when I came face-to-face with a band I didn’t know would become one of my favourite local bands – Dear Seattle.

I had heard of Dear Seattle in the past and had talked one of the lads over the internet in the past (that’s for another time). However, I found some music of theirs that I could show to the rest of the Talent Management team for this gig and decided to finally give them a listen. And boy, was I in for a ride. ‘The Meadows’ started with slightly slurred lyrics and a nice guitar riff. I wasn’t going to lie, I thought they were a ripoff of Violent Soho, so I was definitely into it. In fact, I listened to it a couple more times. And then, more. And more. I was hooked. The chorus was a perfect screaming anthem for anyone who’s angry or sad or just fed up with the world. It was the perfect angst tune.


I was fortunate to go to their EP launch party to celebrate the release of their sophomore EP, Self-Titled. I was previously given this EP in advance to listen to (again, for another time) and was inching my way into this new world of Dear Seattle. Frontman Bray Fisher played a solo acoustic set at this party and if anything, I found watching Bray express these lyrics in his facial features overwhelming. The amount of emotion built in the songs was incredible, not to mention the performance sounded even better and  much more emotional than the recorded songs I had heard previously.

I am now going to see the full band live in a couple of weeks at Proud Mary’s (a bar near me). I am extremely excited to see where Dear Seattle’s journey goes in the next 5 years. International tours? Signing to a major label? Playing Glastonbury? Who knows, but I know this new grunge direction Dear Seattle have gone has shown depth and potential, compared to their previous post-hardcore material.

Dear Seattle are ready for a global jump. The thing is, are you?

– g.d.

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