T O N I G H T   A L I V E


I stumbled upon Tonight Alive back in 2010 on MySpace. The page was covered in sky blue with bright fresh-eyed teens in a ballet studio. The songs on their playlist consisted of a type of pop punk I hadn’t yet heard before – the first song on that playlist being one of their oldest songs “Wasting Away”. “Wasting Away” started boldly with these unique vocals which was equally as bold as it was delicate. The instrumentals were heavier than I had ever heard from a female-fronted band before and from then, I was consumed into the world of Tonight Alive.

Despite “Wasting Away” being one of the more heavier tracks of their debut EP, I was still a huge fan of their more songs, and followed them through every goal they have achieved – album releases, label signings and even more. However, nothing will ever compare to their highly-acclaimed sophomore record ‘The Other Side’ and how that affected me.

I was finally fortunate enough to see the band live during this era in 2013 on the Australian leg of the Vans Warped Tour. The energy the band puts into every performance is admirable, and is replicated in their audience. Jenna embodies her stage movements to replicate her lyrics, which really bring every Tonight Alive song to life. Watching the relationship between the band and their fans made me fall for the band even more and I eventually saw them 2 other times during that era.


Jenna and the boys have changed their sound significantly since The Other Side, and while I didn’t like their newest album Limitless as much as other previous releases, they still bring as much as they can to the table without sounding overboard. Tonight Alive are now currently in the studio recording their fourth full length, set to be released next year, as well as have announced a bunch of intimate shows of old venues the band used to play before they were signed. I have no regrets watching this band find success playing music as a career, and believe they are more room to fulfil and succeed.

If you haven’t heard of Tonight Alive, you have now. And soon, you’ll see them in a lot more places than they already are.

– g.d.

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